Intrigues against independent human rights defense


организация по

правам человека Узбекистана



inson huquqlari





human rights


of uzbekistan


Adres: 700156, Tashkent sh., Chilanzar D-20 A, 1-uy, 70-h. Tel.: 998-71- 1161342, E-mail:

“_15_” ___April__ 2003 y.








Of Independent Human Rights Organization of Uzbekistan – IHROU. 

      Intrigues against independent human rights defense of Uzbekistan represented by the only independent human rights organization – Independent Human Rights Organization of Uzbekistan – IHROU are c o n t i n u i n g.

   And if till recently only officials of the authoritarian regime engaged in this bad business, now   the relay is taken by politicians and political bankrupts from remnants of the collapsed so called “political opposition” represented by “Erk” and “Birlik” and their leaders – political bankrupts, who totally lost ties with people for selfish interests.….  

Only several people from the former “Erk” and “Birlik” leaders showed their political inability and sank into internal struggle, sometimes dirty and uncivilized, and totally gave up people’s hopes for their mercantile and selfish purposes and turned into


human rights defenders, seeing in human rights defense only a “slush fund”.

They, those several political bankrupts, now has taken over human rights defense to drug it to bankruptcy too. And they already succeeded in this. So, thanks to the harmful “human rights” activities of Talib Yakubov, the SECRETARY GENERAL of Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan – HRSU, member of the Presidium of the former “Birlik”, in 1996 HRSU was turned into chaos and source of misinformation, corruption and deviousness.    But the SECRETARY GENERAL himself became very rich on deceiving foreign grant givers and sponsors.   He settled all his family in HRSU, had a new house built in his town of Djizzak, bought two cars, had his apartment in Tashkent renewed in European style and as former members of HRSU write about him, “he eats a kilo of strawberries a day”   He successfully settled his selfish needs!…  

The same situation with A. Arifov, the SECRETARY GENERAL of “Erk”….   This unlucky politician besides getting rich under the brand of “human rights” /”Mazlum”/ impudently had sent to Canada his three sons as political immigrants who had nothing to do with politics, or human rights and never were persecuted by authorities here.   

In the same way uses human rights defense V. Inoyatova – a secretary of “Birlik” and chairman of human rights “Ezgulik”. 

And now these politicians—bankrupts are here, and their bosses /brother Pulatovs – Abdurahim and Abdumannob from “Birlik”, M. Solikh, chairman of “Erk”/ right after the registration of IHROU fell upon it and its leaders who lead independent policy in human rights defense, in order to make IHROU a pocket organization obedient to them as they did with HRSU, “Ezgulik”, “Mazlum”.   These “human rights” organizations are headed by : HRSU – Secretary General Talib Yakubov, a member of Presidium of “Birlik”; “Ezgulik” – Vasilya Inoyatova, a secretary of “Birlik”; “Mazlum” – Atanazar Arifov, Secretary General of “Erk”   

And members of these organizations are mainly members of respective political parties.


   IHROU is the only non-politicized independent human rights organization. Its chairman M. Ardzinov is non- affiliated and more than 50% of IHROU members are non-affiliated.

   POLITICIZATION   OF HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENSE IS ONE OF THREE   VICES OF HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENSE / the other two are commercialization and cheating in human rights defense/.

      During the year some members of “Erk” and “Birlik” who were simultaneously members of IHROU, such as Abdusalyam Ergashev – secretary of “Erk” for Feghana valley; Gulyamjan Halmatov – secretary of “Erk” for Namanghan region; Haliknazar Ganiev – co-chairman of “Birlik” for Samarkand region tried to politicize IHROU. And when we did not let them do it, they tried to sabotage for the last half a year and lost ties with IHROU.

Moreover, on April 5,  2003 those leaders from “Erk” and “Birlik” with approximately 30 members of IHROU /mainly members of “Erk” and “Birlik”/ secretly from leaders and the Board of IHROU /held a gathering which they called kurultay and “decided” to replace leaders and the Board of IHROU, appointing themselves to higher positions in IHROU /!?/

Those putschists /Uzbek GKChP/ only the Charter of IHROU broke on 10 counts not telling about the law on NGOs. Actually delegates were not elected on general meetings, as the law requires, but were selected by those putschists by principle of fidelity to the party and by opposition to leaders and the Board of IHROU..   Especially those putschists, as it became known to the Board of IHROU later, on that putsch acted against the chairman of IHROU M. Ardzinov going as further as slandering on him for nationalistic reasons….

  Those putschists from GKChP before the gathering did not even make complaints and proposals to the Board of IHROU.  

   It is worth to note that the Board of IHROU on April 2, 2003 passed Decision №8 stating that IHROU is having preparation work for holding the next third kurultay and that it will be held soon and that the Ministry of Justice is informed about that. And the preparation work is going on.

And the leaders of GKChP knew about that.  


   But those putschists had their own scenario ….

     After April 5, 2003 the Board of IHROU started receiving protests against those putschists from GKChP from regional committees of IHROU and Tashkent city committee. Such protests are still coming .   In 6 committees the real meetings were held and delegates to the forthcoming third kurultay elected and activities of putschists were condemned and sent in written form to the Board of IHROU.

We received written protests against the putschists from GKChP from more than 50 members of IHROU altogether!

By its Decision №9 of April 17, 2003 the Board of IHROU legally, under the Charter removed from the members list and the Board of IHROU the following putschists  :   D. Iskhakova, H. Djambulov  / they are from “Erk”/ ;   Sh. Isabaev, М. Kasymova  /they are from “Birlik”/. This issue will be discussed on the third kurultay /may or June 2003/.

  Let “Erk” and “Birlik” create from those putschists one more pocket human rights organization – that it their right.

    But we will not let them politicization, sabotage, GKChP of IHROU !         IHROU is independent and will remain so !


         Members of the Board of IHROU/ 5  from 9, majority/

М.Ardzinov – chairman                    S. Umurzakov  

Mirsaidov                                              R. Parfy






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