1999. 16 February. Tashkent.

Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU)

Tragic event – a series of explosions in Tashkent – disturbed not only the population of Tashkent, but also all the people of Uzbekistan. Whoever was behind the scenes of these inhuman and heinous acts of terror and those who have not carried out the explosions that result in loss of life and caused considerable material damage, one thing is clear: it is the work of enemies of democracy, the supporters of destabilization in our society, the forces that beneficial to the people of Uzbekistan lived in constant fear.
Acquisition of Uzbekistan’s independence as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union did not give democratic rights to the people. The country has an authoritarian regime, severely suppressing human rights and freedoms. Non-free printing, puppet parliament, psevdomnogopartiynost turned into punitive law enforcement machinery, corruption, bribery, and mutual responsibility – vices blossomed luxuriantly in the government, the general fear of the authorities and suspicion – that the state of society at the moment.
Hireeyuschaya every day economy, decaying education, health and other areas of social infrastructure, persistent non-payment of wages, and as a result is depressingly low standard of living is overwhelming, especially in rural parts of the population, bordering on poverty, the chaos that reigns in the power structures give rise to justifiable discontent among the population.
Over the years of independence on its population hit two waves of repression. The first wave, which began in 1992, was directed against a non-violent opposition groups as a people’s movement “Birlik” Democratic Party “Erk” “Adolat” and Muslims. In Uzbekistan, there were hundreds of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. Most of these prisoners are still languishing in prison. The second wave, which began in 1997 and continues to this day. This time the main blow fell on believers obvinnenyh of “Wahhabism” and other sins. Behind bars and hundreds of thousands of people from the Fergana Valley, Tashkent, Khorezm and other regions. Fraudulent pretexts criminal cases through the planting of drugs and ammunition is a priority “basis” for the arrest and imprisonment of human Disloyal.
What is happening now, law enforcement agencies, like the event’s 1937-39 Soviet era. Sometimes it seems that the events that took place during this period in the vast empire, now repeated within our country. Fear of the authorities binds people, their iniatsiativu makes accept injustice. Penal institutions generally rampant orders, akin to medieval.
The constant injection of violence, disregard for human rights can not contribute to the moral health of society. On the contrary. “Violence begets violence” – is one of the axioms of philosophy itself speaks for itself. It is well known the fact that violence is primarily directed an effort on the moral foundations of society, destroying them. Given the fact that the communist totalitarianism formed special social mentality, based on violence, one can imagine the state of public morals after two waves of repression in less than 10 years.
HRSU constantly warns against discharge of violence, called for the release of all political prisoners from the prisons, abolish the death penalty, real reforms to protect human rights and democratization of all aspects of social life. Authorities remain deaf to our well-founded appeals. Here is a quote from the newsletter, issued in September 1998, Namangan branch of the Committee for Protection of individual rights and Namangan HRSU:
“The population of the area is now under the pressure of two monsters: first, enormous economic difficulties, and, secondly, the lawlessness on the part of law enforcement agencies, and in general, the power structures. If the government will continue to pursue a policy of forced relative to its population, the probability of social unrest in the region will increase dramatically. ”
Clearly, this is true not only of Namangan region, and Uzbekistan.
All of the above, however, does not mean that the attacks carried out in Tashkent – the work of people svodyashih barely make ends meet, believers or members of non-violent opposition. These attacks are likely to face a very influential and economically wealthy forces who live well without democracy. They understand that as a result of the attacks killed a completely innocent people, children and women, but they do not care about human lives.
HRSU officially declares that all its members are outraged conducted attacks and vile people angrily denounce them. People, who made the attacks, and those who planned and directed them to be found and brought to justice.


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